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Entice – blend of traditional and contemporary

The jewellery market had space for a brand which looked after the needs of the customer who wanted a mix of the old and new, traditional and contemporary and was global in its appeal. Entice does exactly that. Read on to know more about the brand.

Entice is a fine-jewellery brand by the KGK group, which targets the discerning jewellery customer. Launched in Hong Kong in 2004, the brand came to India in 2009 and now has exclusive boutiques in Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The young jewellery customer is looking for elegant jewellery inspired by western design concepts that retain their Indian aura. Entice meets this demand squarely. It is the trend setter in this jewellery space with its international design knowledge and unique collection.

Jewellery at Entice is made using rare diamonds, procured from conflict-free, sustainable mines. Painstaking craftsmanship later a beautiful piece of jewellery takes shape. The effort and precision that goes into making every single piece of Entice jewellery makes it nothing less than a work of art.

Entice has set many jewellery trends. It has redefined the meaning of lightweight jewellery and set benchmarks in jewellery manufacturing. At the Entice design studio craftsmanship is combined with state-of-the-art technology to produce fine jewellery that is appreciated at the global stage and domestic market simultaneously.

The key differentiator between the collections at Entice and other options available in the city is that the jewellery is conceptualised and produced keeping in mind the global and Indian trends. This gives the designs the freshness that the Indian customer is looking for. A buyer can compare from a number of beautiful designs crafted by true craftsmanship. The effort that goes into creating and presenting each piece of jewellery at Entice make it standout from the crowd.