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Experience an Entice boutique

A boutique is where the customer first gets to interact with a brand. At Entice, the boutique is designed to give the best luxury experience to the shoppers. Read on to know more

Entice came to India in 2009 and now has exclusive boutiques in Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Each store has a certain design philosophy that is a gateway to world class designs in jewellery and it offers something to every customer.

Entice makes the jewellery experience worth remembering. The stores have been planned to enhance the shopping experience.

Things like lighting, upholstery, store design, display and decor have been designed to give the customer a happy feeling. As you step inside the store you are transported into the world of luxury and heritage with a very contemporary twist.

Inside the boutique Entice stands for fine jewellery, which is at par with international standards and thus it has to be showcased and experienced in settings worthy of its uniqueness and class.

You get to shop surrounded by spaciousness, modern and classic decor – yet it will give you the feeling of being rooted in Indian heritage. Entice jewellery is a work of art and the interiors have been designed to bring out the beauty of these pieces that have been crafted with love and lots of labour.

Great emphasis is laid on the staff at the boutique. They are well-trained and they can assist you in choosing the piece that might become your heirloom someday. The staff has been trained to deliver a world class service and take care of any request a client may have.

Every Entice boutique is designed with utmost care and love towards the shopper and her overall experience. This makes the whole experience of interacting with the brand and its products a great experience.