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Four must have earrings this season

The overarching theme this season for jewellery is to go bold. One of the easiest ways to make a statement with jewellery is to go for oversized and out-of-box earrings. They are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Read on to know more.

Its summer time and it is time to know what the designers are showcasing on the global stage for jewellery. The overarching theme this season is to go big. Weather it is your necklace or your earrings – you need to make a statement with it.

There are many shapes and sizes you can choose from when going for bold earrings. Some of the designs that were showcased by designers this season are:

Tassels – Their long dandling pattern is a sure shot eye catcher and looks good with a number of Indian and western outfits. There are many different sizes, colours and patterns available in tassels, which can be a helpful trait when pairing them with a dress.

Modern art – Go for earrings whose design reflects the modern times. This is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. Go for unusual designs that do not confer to set design patterns for earrings. The quirkier the better is the motto for such earrings.

Twisted hoops – Give the plain old hoops a do over. Look for design pattern that adds twists to the structure of a simple hoop. Hoops are one of the most versatile earring designs – they can be teamed with any kind of outfit and add funk to the wearer.

Pearls – experiment with the most classic of all earrings, the pearl earrings. Go for a big defining size pearl and try various designs in it. They can make any Indian outfit look amazing and they make the perfect jewellery for any kind of occasion.