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Special collections by Entice

Entice likes to make special days even more special by creating a range of jewellery around the day that makes it unforgettable. Read on to know about Entice’s special range of jewellery.

Special occasions call for special celebrations. This year in March, Entice had launched its woman oriented collection to celebrate woman’s day. The woman’s day collection doesn’t need a specific day to be worn. This beautiful range of jewellery is designed keeping in mind the modern woman who plays a number of roles in the society today. It is a range which celebrates women and their versatility.

Manju Kothari, Creative Director, Entice says, “With Women’s day around the corner, we are proud to bring out our collection inspired from shades of women. As we know women are known to dress perfect for every occasion, our collection aspires to offer prominently that. It has something for every occasion depicting multiple roles and abilities of women; and offering subtle class for that perfect charm that is enough to intensify their look from within."

As described by Diamond World magazine: This lightweight collection is the epitome of class inspired by the shades of women. The pieces are a medley of many looms merged into one and can be worn altogether or in parts like the medley of Amra rings, bracelet, and diamond pendant from detachable hathphool. Ear studs come with jacket and ear backs for the fashion conscious ones. The entire range has a lot to offer to make the woman of your life feel the contentment that she deserves to own each day. Shades of woman by Entice will accentuate your looks with gorgeousness in parties, wedding and even office boardroom.

This collection is a celebration of the lives of women of all ages and from all walks of life.