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The world of Entice boutiques

Entice is known for its beautiful jewellery that you can shop for at its exclusive boutiques designed to match the jewellery.

Entice, the fine-jewellery brand by KGK group launched in Hong Kong in 2004 and achieved great success in the region. The first retail boutique of Entice was launched in Jaipur in 2009 followed by exclusive boutiques in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Among the many highlights of the brand – the shopping experience at the boutiques is something that stands out. Every small and big thing like lighting, upholstery, boutique design, display and decor have been done up to give the customer a happy feeling. It is so designed that as soon as you step inside the boutique you are transported into the world of luxury and heritage.

The staff at the boutique is well-trained and they can assist you in choosing the piece that might become your heirloom someday. The staff has been trained to deliver a world-class service and take care of any request a client may have. Entice offers uniqueness and a promise of ‘to be manufactured only once’ jewellery.

The brand stands for fine jewellery which has to be showcased and experienced in settings that highlight its beauty and class. Spaciousness, modern and classic decor – yet the feeling of being rooted in Indian heritage is how an Entice boutique makes you feel.

Since every piece at Entice jewellery is made with great effort the interiors of the boutique have been designed to bring out the beauty of these pieces that have been crafted with love and painstaking labour. An Entice boutique is also a showcase of the effort that goes into creating and presenting each piece of jewellery at Entice make it standout from the crowd. True passion is visible in every aspect of an Entice boutique and the experience that is delivered is unmatched anywhere else.