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Ear cuffs continue to be in vogue

If there is a crossover between jewellery and accessory it is the ear cuff. Worn with traditional outfits it works like a piece of jewellery and with western outfits it can be teamed like an accessory. Read on to know more

Ear cuffs have been in and out of fashion for a while now. Since they made their debut they have seen a lot of design transformation. They started off with subtle design undertones then took on more rebellious and contemporary form.

The best thing about ear cuffs is that it is sitting in a very beautiful place as both jewellery and an accessory. It also suits most age groups and looks equally good with a dress as it does with perhaps a sari.

This Sprin/Summer ear cuffs with bold and unique designs were showcased by many designers like Rodarte and Saint Laurent in their collections for the season. So the trend of ear cuffs is not going away anytime soon.

Entice has a wide variety of jewellery with Indian and global influences. The design ethos of the brand have brought a fresh take to jewellery and retail. The consumer’s demand for elegant jewellery inspired by western design concepts yet retaining their Indian aura is aptly met by Entice.

Entice keeps its offerings a notch above its competition who are at best followers of the globalised design trends and not trend setters in their space. The brand has expertise in getting the market right. It has made lightweight jewellery a great trend in the space.

There are eighty designers at the Entice design studio whose craftsmanship is combined with state-of-the-art technology to give the best in class jewellery that is appreciated at the global stage and domestic market. Each piece of Entice jewellery takes hard labour to make and the finesse last a lifetime.