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Hot jewellery trends around the world

The season is about to change and so should your style in jewellery. There are a number of interesting trends in fashion around the world, but we have picked a few to help you stay on top of your jewellery game:

Last season saw the chocker being all in rage. While the chocker will continue to dominate for sometime – many international brands are bringing back the long necklace. Bolder the better!

Designs of the future – No matter what piece of jewellery you wear this season, make sure the design is futuristic. For that is what the trend in design in this season. Futuristic or abstract is all the rage in the coming season for any piece of jewellery you choose to adorn.

Go for pearls and gemstones – Yes! Match them elegantly with your dress or just go bold and splash a riot of colours, gemstones and pearls are all the rage. The rawer the look, the better for you.

Out of the box earrings – don’t go for the traditional drops or hoops – as the dominant design theme this season is futuristic go for some out of the box shapes that make some heads turn. Let them dangle in style and compliment your outfit.

While we have your ear, don’t forget those ear cuffs that have been in style. Go for bold designs – spring is the season to go bold and all out.

Do not forget to get that intricate contemporary bracelet. Jazz up any outfit with a statement bracelet. Divert attention to your sculptured hands and get yourself a truly gorgeous piece of graphic bracelet to flaunt. Remember bold is the underlining word of the season – so the more surface area it covers on your arm the hotter it looks.

The fine jewellery look is also in this season. If elegance is the need of the hour then go for some fine jewellery designs that make you look totally stylish.

Lastly, add a little shimmer to your jewellery if you can. Nothing makes you stand out better than a little bit of glitter. So get shimmering earrings or a necklace that you can team with an Indian or western dress.