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Jewellery trends this season

One of the easiest ways to make a statement and stand out is by wearing jewellery that makes a statement. The trend this season is for jewellery that is vintage in feel, but has a contemporary twist. To know more, read on.

Jewellery is an extension of the self. People are picking up jewellery that defines who they are. It is not just about making a grandiose statement, but about projecting ones personality through the jewellery one wears. The trends defining the jewellery industry this season are based on the same theme.

In an era where everything is broadcasted online – every person is looking for pieces that are uniquely styled to make them stand apart and turn heads. When designing jewellery at Entice, these are some of the things that the designers keep in mind. For the coming season, we are likely to see a melange of timeless or vintage designs with a contemporary twist. This design trend will be visible throughout the jewellery world.

You might also see the return of enamelling as a trend to watch out for. There were many such designs on the red carpet this year following similar design language and patterns. Diamonds will reign, as they always have. But, we might see diamond jewellery set in yellow and rose gold become popular.

As is the trend with clothes these days, the young generation is looking for jewellery that they can wear during the day and even during night. The jewellery designs that are most popular are those that have a sort of universal appeal. They can be worn with office attire as well as for that party in the evening. Like everything else that the millennial generation likes, jewellery also has to make a statement and be multipurpose.

Defining jewellery design that has a contemporary twist and is a great accessory for night and day, will be a defining trend this season.