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Popular design-concepts for rings

Looking for interesting ring concepts. There is a lot to choose from and it can get very confusing. We have listed a few popular designs that are in trend and can help you pick that perfect ring.

When you are going for a diamond ring – be it for your engagement or just like that there are many interesting design concepts that have adorned beautiful fingers over the years. To choose the right design you need to know what you are looking for. Nonetheless, we’ll talk about a few universal designs that have stood the test of time and are loved by all.

Among the most common designs in diamond rings are the princess cut, square, oval and round diamonds. There is nothing like these traditional rings. If you don’t want to experiment too much, but still want to make a statement go for one of these traditional cuts.

Clusters are another popular concept in rings. Many different designs are possible in clusters. A well-designed cluster diamond ring is a great choice for any occasion and goes with any kind of outfit.

If too many diamonds are not your thing, you can go for a ring with coloured stones. There are many designs that combine diamonds and coloured stones to bring out a unique and head-turning ring. You could go for a single coloured stone with diamonds or a multi coloured one.

Fancy cuts in diamonds are also popular for rings. If you want to be a little bit experimental, yet stay traditional you can opt for a fancy cut diamond as the centre piece of your ring.

Another interesting ring concept that has been written about in many fashion magazines is the halo-setting. There are smaller stones that run around the centre piece like a halo and make it look prettier. There are many different styles that are possible with the halo-concept.

But if you want to draw on the old-world charm, try going for a ring that is Edwardian. Platinum, diamonds and coloured stones put together in beautiful designs make an Edwardian ring stand out from all other rings. This is perfect for those looking for a traditional design.

Among gemstones rubies and emeralds make for striking centre pieces in rings. Other than these there are some interesting geometric designs that look suave and are modern in their look and feel. Plain bands or intertwined bands are also some design concepts that are popular in fashion circles.