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Trends in Indian jewellery – contemporary with a traditional twist

Cinema, television and western design influences have changed the taste of Indian customer when it comes to jewellery designs. Read on to find out what is hot in the Indian jewellery market.

If you have been to a jewellery store in recent years you would have noticed a stark change in the type of jewellery that is on display.

Back in the day jewellery had a gold-heavy look, with simple designs and patterns. Any hint of diamonds was only in the form of uncut diamonds or polki but that also wasn’t considered ‘a good investment’ as the lac content would fetch a lower price if sold.

The outlook towards jewellery has changed a lot in the recent past. The millennial generation doesn’t want to go for a over the top look. Stones, unique shapes and contemporary designs are in trend. A lot of fashion is driven by designs worn by Bollywood actors and sometimes even certain television personalities.

Designs have become more subtle and colour is used in form of gemstones. The traditional heavy yellow gold only look has been replaced with white and rose gold, stuuded with diamonds and gemstones in all shapes and sizes. Customers now prefer contemporary designs, but with a traditional twist.

Even the smallest of office wear jewelelry thses days is tasteful and elegant to match your office outfit and an indo-western dress at the same time.

This versatility in jewellery design, lot of western influence from movies and other media has brought about a wave of freshness in Indian jewellery industry. The inspiration of these designs lie in Indian traditional jewellery, but the final look and feel is more contemporary.

Gone are the days when jewellery weighed a kilo and it was a task to wear it even for one night. Jewellery must only look ‘heavy’ and be light as can be, to wear. Even if one is flaunting the heaviest looking jewellery, it should actually be only designed to look that way while being light and comfortable to wear.

White gold and rose gold along with platinum have been accepted by the consumer now and they give a breather from the in-your-face yellow gold. It is not just the designs that are being experimented with, often one piece of jewellery takes centre stage and holds the entire look together. Like the big chandelier earrings. Often the necklace is not required if one is wearing a stunning pair of chandelier earrings, which by itself completes the entire look.

Given that more and more women are now pursuing strong careers, demand for everyday wear jewellery is also on a rise. However, at the centre of that too is a simple design brief – it should be contemporary, but with a desi twist.