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Entice – the home of curated diamond jewellery has taken the legacy of the parent company, the KGK Group further and is now a name to reckon with in the global diamond jewellery industry. With the firm belief in offering uncompromised quality backed by unique beauty in each of our creations, we have embarked on a path where challenges are met with sheer grit only to be transformed into success stories. One of our success mantras has been the ability to identify and cater to our customer’s bespoke needs and demands of superior quality blended with affordability.

Diamonds Are for All

Being driven with the conviction that diamonds are for everyone, we have always tried to bridge the gap between exquisite diamond jewellery and our customers. In a bid to do so, we follow the ‘mines to market’ approach that removes middle men thereby reducing overall costs and brings affordable luxury to our end clients. With our diamond mines located in different parts of the world, we have direct access to some of the most beautiful, natural and rare diamonds. The rough diamonds from Russia, Belgium, South Africa and India are directly sourced by us to create timeless masterpieces.

Alluring Designs

Diamond has enthralled generations; from being an extension of oneself to an expression of love or being a much respected family heirloom, diamonds always have had an alluring effect. Keeping this aspect in mind, we weave magic in our offerings – be it a diamond trinket or an elaborate piece of jewellery. From ornate designs to minimalist patterns, our creations suit every occasion and moment. Under the creative guidance of Ms. Manju Kothari, our bespoke creations display an eclectic blend of fresh designs and traditional opulence. Painstakingly designed and meticulously fashioned by our team of master craftsmen and craftswomen, a piece of jewellery from Entice never fails to leave an indelible impression. Using modern technology and innovations, the rough diamonds are cut and polished to a perfect finish and a glittering sparkle. Each diamond is passed through stringent quality checks to assure that it retains its famed elegance and purity.

Conflict-free Diamonds

As a responsible member of the global diamond jewellery industry, Entice takes cognizance of the grave danger posed by the unethical sourcing of diamonds. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal diamond trading and take strict measures to put an end to this malpractice. We ensure that our diamonds are conflict-free and are not associated with any kind of exploitation of humans and the environment. Our processes are designed to ensure greater transparency in knowing the ‘how and where’ of our diamonds.

Global Presence

Under the auspices of the KGK Group, Entice started in India, and has now branched out in the international market. We now cater to customers in the US, UK, Japan, UAE, Australia and South Africa along with other parts of the world. Our rich and diverse expertise in crafting exquisite diamond jewellery in its traditional form and our know-how on the modern aspects of jewellery creation makes Entice the perfect choice. Each creation exudes beauty, grandeur and the innate beauty of diamonds.

Surpassing Customer Expectations

Our customers are our brand ambassadors and we cherish forging a long-term relationship with them. Obsessed with offering high-standard customer service, care is taken that our clients have a great and memorable experience while shopping with us. The overwhelming response received along with glowing feedbacks from our end clients is a testimony to this. And this is what keeps us motivated and passionate about creating stunning diamond jewellery for you.

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