Unveiling the Adorable

Jaipur’s Truly International Jewellery Store

In a city full of jewellery stores, it takes a lot more than just a legacy name to stay ahead of the curve. Read on to know how Entice stands out…

The M I Road of Jaipur is that juncture where the historical walled-city merges into the modern world. It’s like the shore where you can feel the waves of years of culture, tradition and art splash. The road is home to a number of Indian and international brands housed in ancient havelis. This road is the high street of Jaipur and it is like no other high street anywhere in the world. On this beautiful and historic road stands the Entice flagship store.

The store is a gateway to world class designs in jewellery and has something for every customer. Often jewellery is bought for unforgettable occasions and at Entice the aim is to make the experience of buying the jewellery worth remembering. This has inspired the brand to plan its store to enhance the shopping experience.

The lighting, upholstery, store design, display and decor have been done up to give the customer a happy feeling. As you step inside the store you are transported into the world of luxury and heritage. The Entice boutique stands for fine jewellery, which is at par with international standards and thus it has to be showcased and experienced in settings worthy of its uniqueness and class. As you step into the store on M I Road you will feel its spaciousness, modern and classic decor ­ yet it will give you the feeling of being rooted in Indian heritage. Every piece at Entice is a work of art and the interiors have been designed to bring out the beauty of these pieces that have been crafted with love and painstaking labour. The customer is greeted at a small book lounge which introduces the guests to the wide array of jewellery designs and manufacturing qualities that are on offer. The discerning buyer can compare from an array of exquisite designs crafted by true craftsmanship. The effort that goes into creating and presenting each piece of jewellery at Entice make it standout from the crowd. Passion has been poured into every aspect of an Entice boutique and the experience that is delivered is unmatched anywhere else.

To add to the delight of the buyer, staff at the boutique is well-trained and they can assist you in choosing the piece that might become your heirloom someday. The staff has been trained to deliver a world-class service and take care of any request a client may have.

Entice is also the place for those looking for uniqueness – with a promise of to be manufactured only once′ jewellery at Entice is captivating. At Entice stores, you can find traditional, western and fusion looks that will accentuate anything you decide to wear. You can be rest assured of the quality as each piece is manufactured in a fully integrated manufacturing unit with state-of-the-art equipments in Hong Kong, China and India.

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