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Jewellery Care

So, you bought that beautiful necklace you always wanted. But did you think about how you are going to care for it? Read on to learn a few trick.

A piece of jewellery, unlike many other things we buy is one of the very few things that stays with us for a very long time, often forever. It is even passed on from generation to generation as an heirloom. But for that to happen it needs to be kept clean and maintained properly.

Ever wondered how your grandma’s jewellery was always sparkling clean? Even though she used it, possible your mother used it and now you have it. It might seem like she had some magic trick up her sleeves but that is not so. All she did was follow some basic maintenance tricks that keep her jewellery in mint condition for generations.

We’ve got some of her tricks covered and they are quite simple to follow. One of the easiest things to do when caring for your jewellery, especially when it is one studded with gemstones is to keep it in the right kind of storage. There are jewellery boxes with compartments for all types of jewellery that keeps it safe from gathering too much dust and getting scratched if stored loose.

Make sure rings, bangles and necklaces are all stored in the right padded compartments to help them from getting bent.

After protection from dust and scratches it is very important to protect your jewellery from very harsh sunlight or hot temperature. Keeping it in boxes will prevent it from both. Making sure you don’t leave it exposed to sunlight too much will help retain the colours and textures of the jewellery.

While you are wearing the jewellery, it is important to be careful of the chemicals you are exposing the jewellery to. Unknowingly chemicals from hair sprays, cosmetics, perfumes etc that we use while wearing jewellery end up eroding the shine and lustre of the pieces. And when you feel they need a cleaning – do not use ultrasonic cleansers, steam or any method that might put strain of the delicate pieces of jewellery that take painstaking effort to design and hand craft.

Use grandma’s tried and tested method of dipping the piece in warm water and cleaning it with mild dish wash soap. Remember never to use a detergent. If you feel the jewellery’s surface will not get damaged by a brush you can use a soft brush to gently clean the intricate areas of the pieces. But for delicate pieces it is best to go for a makeup brushes to avoid scratching or damaging the surface in any way. Usually, most jewellery stores will offer you cleaning for a charge or maybe free – if such a facility is available it is best to let the professionals handle it. But for home remedies the age old options of cleaning with a soft moist cloth or warm water and a mild soap are the best solutions.

For something which is so intimate and cherished – a little effort will go a long way in keeping it shine for ages.

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